Neck Zone Care

Learn about neck zone care for a smooth, elegant neck line.

The skin on your neck is different from the skin on your face.

SHISEIDO’s research shows that even though the skin on our face and neck are connected, their characteristics are vastly different.

1The skin on our neck has more moisture than the skin on our face.

With twice the number of sweat glands facial skin has, neck skin has more hydration, but it tends to feel sticky.

2The color of neck skin tends to be yellowish.

A comparison of face and skin colors revealed that the luminosity (amount of light) and saturation (vibrancy of tone) are about the same in neck skin and facial skin. However, because the neck has fewer capillaries near the skin’s surface, less redness shows through and the neck appears yellowish. This is why our neck tends to look darker and duller than our face.

3Neck skin is thin and prone to sagging.

While neck skin may be more resilient than the skin on our face, we lose that resilience as we age, and skin becomes less firm. Have you ever wondered why it doesn’t hurt very much when you pinch or tug on the skin of your neck? It’s because, like the skin on our elbows, the skin on our neck is only loosely connected with the subcutaneous tissue and muscle tissue underneath. This means that, once it loses its firmness, it is more prone to sagging than the skin on our face. This is why our necks can develop large, thick, sagging “folds” as we age.

4Neck skin is prone to developing deep, horizontal folds.

Surface patterns play a major role in the way our skin looks. The surface pattern on neck skin is three times as deep as that of facial skin, and it is organized very neatly and systematically. If you could live your whole life without ever moving your neck, the surface pattern on our neck skin would be beautifully preserved. However, being one of the most mobile parts of the human body, every nod, shake, twist and turn of the neck takes those surface lines a little deeper, ultimately creating horizontal folds, where those deep surface patterns become wrinkles.

How to care for a beautiful neck

To maintain a beautiful neckline, minimize existing wrinkles or sagging and keep them from progressing, try these tips.

1Look up and stretch.

Swiveling our necks left and right can lead to wrinkles. Several times a day, slowly look upward toward the sky to counterstretch your neck.

2Unpile your pillows.

Wrinkles can be created by pillows that are too high, as they keep your neck bent at a sharp angle. To prevent wrinkles, use a low pillow, or just a rolled-up towel. Better yet, skip the pillow altogether.

3Add a neck massage to your daily skincare routine, with a specialized neck care product.

There are some great products specially formulated for the unique skin physiology of the neck. If you don’t have any on hand, use facial moisturizer or cream to give yourself a neck massage. After your daily skincare routine, massage your neck with the entire surface of your palms, enveloping your neck in moisture and motion. Repeated massage not only beautifies your skin but also promotes lymph and blood flow, adding a rosy glow to your face. Your neck area is sensitive though, so be sure to massage gently.

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    Holding your fingers flush against your neck, massage in large circles from the center, working outward.

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    Using your palms, swipe the skin of your neck upward from your clavicle to your jaw.

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    After swiping six times on each side, use both palms to envelop your neck, and allow the neck product to penetrate your skin.

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    Using four fingers of both hands, apply pressure to the muscles behind your lower, middle, and upper neck in sequence, starting from your lower neck and working upward. Take your time at each spot.

Just a few moments out of your day can really beautify your neck, and feeling good about your neck, tends to improve your posture, which transforms your entire appearance.