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The SHISEIDO Makeup Collective Answers: What’s in Your Travel Carry-on?

Sophie Goddard | Inside Shiseido | Dec 12, 2019
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Heading somewhere exciting this year? Before you kick back on a lounger or start plotting that leisurely stroll around a new city, putting a little thought into what’s coming with you might just pay off. While most of us just chuck our favorite products into our bags without much thought, it’s worth remembering that changes to our regular routine—from sudden hot spells, to pesky cabin climates and changes to your diet—can affect our skin, and how we feel. Here, we asked some of SHISEIDO’s most-trusted experts (and self-confessed travel junkies to boot) to talk us through their in-flight and travel routines, designed to leave you looking and feeling like you’ve spent 10 hours in First Class…

Spritz Away

“I always take a hand cream, lip balm (usually three or four different types and colors) and a face mist away with me when I travel. I also take a pressed powder for when I’m oily. Using a face mist helps refresh the skin and makes you feel more awake after a long flight, too. My favorite skincare products for travel? I always take something from the SHISEIDO FUTURE SOLUTION LX collection and never leave home without it.”—Lottie, SHISEIDO North America Makeup Color Artist

Hydration is Key

“To keep me hydrated on my flight, I always travel with my SHISEIDO WASO Clear Mega-Hydrating Cream, 24-Hr Defense Mist Duo, and Protective Lip Conditioner SPF 12, and the Georgia Louise Lift & Sculpt Butterfly Stone.”—Vincent Oquendo, SHISEIDO North America Makeup Color Artist

Don’t Skip the Masks

“When I’m heading away, I’ll always pack a moisturizing mist, a lip balm (usually SHISEIDO BENEFIANCE), face moisturizer (something like SHISEIDO WASO Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-Free) and wipes for removing makeup. To help my skin look fresh after a day of travel, I drink a lot of water and am sure to moisturize my skin as soon as I can, especially when flying. I’m a big fan of face masks, too.”—Gregoris Pyrpylis, SHISEIDO EMEA Makeup Ambassador

Conceal the Exhaustion

“I feel it’s important for everyone to travel with a concealer to apply post-flight to keep themselves looking fresh. The SHISEIDO LacquerInk Lipshine is also great at keeping your lips looking hydrated and plump—we all know how drying on the complexion the cabin can be!”—Patrick Ta, SHISEIDO Global Color Artist