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Beauty Sleeping Mask,

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Beauty Sleeping Mask
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Beauty Sleeping Mask

An intensive gel moisture wrap made with yuzu citrus. Delivers dewy hydration to... plump up the skin that has lost moisture and clarity. Infuses vitalizing ingredients by night, to restore its radiant, healthy looking complexion. Targets uncomfortable dehydration, even after too little sleep or wearing make up all night long. Awaken with refreshed skin that looks as if you had a full night’s rest, so you can get up and go face the day. ●Formulated with yuzu seed extract which promotes production of hyaluronic acid*, to enhance the skin’s power to lock in moisture.  ●On application, capsules burst open and immerse skin in moisture until morning. A radiant, healthy looking complexion is energized from within. ●Contains a cocktail of select ingredients to target breakouts and visible pores. ●Enriched with botanical ingredients containing various vitamins. Nourishes dull, dehydrated skin, enhancing its healthy radiance. - Whole carrot cells with carotene (vitamin A). Vitamin A is known to prevent epidermal dryness and maintain healthy looking skin. - Ginseng Extract with vitamin B (B6, pantothenic acid). Vitamin B is known to improve skin roughness and relieve feelings of stress. - Safflower oil with tocopherol (vitamin E). Tocopherol is known to be effective in suppressing the generation of oxidized lipids. ●Contains whole carrot cells, which hold lots of nutrients and water. ●Contains a phytoplankton extract which thrives in the severely dry Sahara Desert, to help revitalize the skin, for a plumped, well-rested-look by morning. ●The comforting scent alleviates the feeling of fatigue, and improves concentration, motivation and activity. ●Mineral oil-free. This Force for Good formulation is made with what the skin truly needs, using methods that respect the needs of our environment. ●For all skin types including sensitive. ●Non-comedogenic. Won’t clog pores. ●Dermatologist-tested. *in vitro More


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  • 80ml

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Known for its fresh, crisp dewiness, Green Yuzu has theinnate power to recharge skin.

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