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Industry Insider: Everything You Need to Know About Essential Energy

Suzanne Scott | Beauty from Japan. From our world to yours. | Des 12, 2019
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Q: What's the concept behind Essential Energy?

SHISEIDO: Essential Energy is an innovative, intuitive skincare line that harnesses the power of neuroscience, advanced ReNeura Technology™ and our world-renowned skincare expertise to reboot and re-energize your skin. Our three Essential Energy moisturizers work to reawaken your skin's ability to respond to skincare. This is done by immersing it in hydration to counteract any dullness, roughness or the appearance of fine lines. Skin looks dewy and fresh, with a glow that comes from within.

Q: What are the products in the range and how do they work?

SHISEIDO: The line comprises of three hero moisturizers: SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream, SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream and SHISEIDO Essential Energy Day Cream SPF20. Each contains the unique skin-boosting formula that incorporates bio-hyaluronic acid with Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, Tea and Pearl Extract, and Soutella Baicalensis Root Extract. This can encourage the skin to create and hold its own moisture, to build its own defenses against external environmental aggressors, and to prevent carbonylation production in the stratum corneum and dermis, so your skin’s naturally dewy glow can appear from within.

SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream has a silky-soft cream texture feels as if it melts into the skin, and 92% of our testers said it brightened their skin and improved skin dullness.

SHISEIDO Essential Energy Moisturizing Gel Cream has a lighter, dewy gel-cream texture that is fresh and easily absorbed. In our tests, 92% said it improved the overall quality of their skin**.

Finally, SHISEIDO Essential Energy Day Cream SPF20 is a soft cream with a broad spectrum UV protection and an SPF 20 for everyday wear, and 95% said it made their skin soft and supple.*

Q: Who is Essential Energy for?

SHISEIDO: Essential Energy has been created for women in their 30s. Perhaps you're balancing career, family and personal life, and your days are full and demanding, yet you still carve out time to take care of your health, eating right, working out and practicing yoga. A holistic approach is very important – it's not about quick fixes but fundamental solutions. Perhaps when it comes to your skin and its senses, you're beginning to feel changes taking place. We want to offer real solutions that preempt age-related problems and keep your skin looking healthy and vibrant.

Q: How does ReNeura Technology™ work?

SHISEIDO: ReNeura’s intended result is heightening the skin’s “responsive power” so it can react to any outside stimulus or environmental stressor, and thus prevent any damage before it starts to take hold on the complexion. You might notice your skin reacting differently and less responsively to your skincare products. Gradually, you may find it becomes drier and duller, and doesn't seem to absorb the nutrients from your skincare. Its ability to “bounce back” is diminished. Essential Energy reboots the skin's responsiveness, reducing the appearance of fine lines, and increasing smoothness and radiance

Q: What are the benefits of using Essential Energy on the skin?

SHISEIDO: It's simple. Skin becomes more responsive to the hydrating properties within the products. The product formulated with acetylated bio-hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated for up to eight hours and leaves your complexion feeling softer, silkier and reinvigorated, with a youthful glow.

Q: How does it feel to use Essential Energy?

SHISEIDO: A celebration of the senses, Essential Energy’s fragrance blends floral scents of rose and jasmine with fruity accents of fresh pear and slightly sweet Ume plum. At the same time, a dash of sweet orange weaves through to balance hormones. In studies, 89% of users agreed that the scent is an awakening one that decreases stress*. This means the entire experience is nurturing and invigorating, combining beauty with well-being in a way that every woman can incorporate into her busy daily routine.
*104 women of age 25-39 after 4 weeks of use. 2016/12/31~2017/1/28 at Singapore

Q: Tell us about the beautiful packaging.

SHISEIDO: Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, the packages evoke the forms of handcrafted tea bowls, which are designed to fit naturally in your hands, but differently every time. We actually conducted a scientific test, using psychological metrics, before completing the designs to see if the packaging would be effective in awakening the senses, and whether or not it is comforting to the person holding it.**

Q: How has Essential Energy performed in skincare tests?

SHISEIDO: In tests* women in their 20s to 30s using Essential Energy reported smooth skin, as well as improvements in skin dullness, stiffness, dryness and the appearances of fine lines. They noticed a glow from within their skin. and also said they felt their skin's responsiveness had improved thanks to using Essential Energy. The stats speak for themselves:

  • 94% say it makes your skin smooth
  • 95% say it moisturizes skin
  • 92% say it brightens skin
  • 92% say it improves skin dullness
  • 82% say skin’s sensory nerves are functioning better than before.

*Tests for stats.

  • For Cream: 100 women of age 25-39 after 4 weeks of use. 2017/1/10-2/7 in Singapore
  • For Gel Cream: 104 women of age 25-39 after 4 weeks of use. 2016/12/31~2017/1/28 at Singapore
  • For Day cream: 107 women of age 23-40 after 4 weeks of use.2017/1/26~2017/2/23
  • *24 women between age 25 and 30 in packaging test
  • **104 women of age 25-39 after 4 weeks of use. 2016/12/31~2017/1/28 at Singapore