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Power Infusing Concentrate,

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Power Infusing Concentrate

Shiseido Lasting strength, to defend your skin’s well-being every... moment. Discover how you can keep generating inner skin defenses, even when you’re in a harsh environment. ImuGeneration Technology™* uses potent natural extracts to encourage skin’s ability to defend its own ideal condition, defying concerns now, and over time. Your skin looks smooth, supple and deeply radiant, with unwavering energy from within. *Innate Multifunction Unlocking Next Generation Technology *PATENTED (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany) *PATENT PENDING (U.S.A.,Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan) Lebih detail


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Beauty brings out kekurangan dari dalam.

One fierce defender.
Meningkatkan kemampuan kulit untuk membentengi diri dari dalam.
#Ultimune. Dibuat untuk pertahanan kulit. Dibuat dengan sepenuh hati.

Innate Multifunction Unlocking Next Generation Technology

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Kekuatan pertahanan diri.

25 tahun pengejaran dan semangat. Penelitian imunologi kami membawa kami ke botani yang poten — seperti Reishi Mushroom dan ekstrak Iris Root — untuk mendorong kemampuan kulit untuk mempertahankan kondisi idealnya sendiri.

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