Color Makeup

Memadukan kecantikan yang terbaik dari Jepang dan warna oleh makeup artis tenama dunia dengan keahliannya pada warna dan tekstur, SHISEIDO Makeup menawarkan koleksi warna yang chic, artistik dan inspiratif.

The glance that reveals you.

Full Lash Volume Mascara

Shiseido’s technological superiority and attention to detail creates makeup desired by modern global women, effortlessly.

  • 95%
  • of testers found that the brush captured the eye lashes from the root.
  • 91%
  • of testers found that Full Lash Volume Mascara gave lashes a deep black color.

*Global 122 women 20-49 years

Separation: Full Expansion Brush

World’s first Shiseido Original Brush

The radial Full Expansion Brush matters for the full voluminous finish. It separates lashes and fans them out by combing clumps off, while keeping lashes from hardening. The brush captures each lash, in the first stroke, and in every stroke thereafter, beautifully separating and opening lashes out.

Shiseido Full Expansion Brush

The brush contacts the lashes from all directions, allowing it to fan the lash out.

Patented Brush Technology (Japan)

Layerable Volume Formula

Deep black: Black Luminous Pigment

Deep black requires light.

Formulated specifically for this Shiseido mascara, Black Luminous Pigment makes black more beautiful, adding luster and depth to its dark power. It creates fascinating, deep, dramatic black lashes, using the power of light.

Black color with high luster/shine

The surface is flat and smooth, so light is concentrated, and reflected in a common direction to create more shine.


Resilience: Curl-Up Wax + Resilient Film

A gorgeous, naturally resilient, lasting curl.

The optimum balance of Curl-Up Wax and Resilient Film allows lashes to be beautifully curled while remaining flexible, even after multiple coats, and even over many hours.
Curl-Up Wax lifts the lashes from the root, forming a bouncy, upward curve.
Resilient Film gives lashes a supple, comfortable feeling, and a resilient finish.

Curl-Up Wax

Curls lashes and keeps them curled, even after multiple coats.


Resilient Film

Coats the lashes, maintains the fresh, just-applied looking finish.

Full Lash Serum

Lash serum based on true understanding of lashes.

Just like the hair on your head, delicate eyelashes are subject to wear and tear. How many times have you pulled out precious hairs while yanking on your lash curler, wiping away eye makeup, or rubbing your eyes during allergy season?

Shiseido's Full Lash Serum will create beautiful lashes for alluring eyes.

Shiseido’s Flocky Tip

The Flocky Tip

Designed to deliver the precise amount of serum needed.

The key to achieve the best result is the amount of serum applied to the lash line. Shiseido’s unique applicator tip delivers the perfect amount, easily and effectively.
It can apply serum thoroughly, even to the small areas between the lashes by squeezing the applicator into the lash line.

Results after 8 weeks

Visible results after continuous use of Full Lash Serum.

  • Before

  • After

*Photo of average results

Full Lash Volume Mascara

Creates full volume with natural resilience while making eyelashes irresistibly touchable. Day-long beautiful look that can easily be removed with just warm water.

  • Black


  • Brown



Full Lash Serum

Makes lashes look longer, denser, fuller, and more beautiful.*

*Illustrative of lashes after makeup.


Please consult with your closest counter for the shades available in your country / region.

Makeup Patterns by Dick Page

*Not all products are available in all countries.

Winter woods

“This look is composed of rich, deep browns for an intense, elegant effect.”

- Dick Page

How to Apply

① BE728
② BR329
③ VI730
④ RD1-B + RD1-C

Smoke and Fire

“This look pairs deeply shaded black and grey eyes with warm cheeks and lips.”

- Dick Page

How to Apply

① BE217
② GR732
③ BK901
④ RD103

Warm harmony

“Warm harmony features subtle shades of brown and peach for a refined natural finish.”

- Dick Page

How to Apply

① PK224
② BR731
③ BR602
④ OR308 + BE206

Perfect Rouge

Rich color. Silky radiance. Incredible fullness. As it smoothes your lips and infuses them with moisture, new Perfect Rouge fulfills your entire lipstick wish list.

  • Cocoa Rose


  • Spellbound


  • Empress


  • Black Walnut



Veiled Rouge

Mellow, delicate color and sheen. Transfer resistant technology wraps lips in color and shine, for a beautiful finish that lasts and lasts.

  • Honeydew


  • Caprice


  • Enchantment


  • Zinnia



Shimmering Cream Eye Color

Dewy-textured cream eye color that accents your eyes with shimmering light, making them sparkle with life. Vivid color and radiant shine last all day without creasing or fading.

  • Clay


  • Ochre


  • Garnet


  • Kitsune


  • Binchotan



Please consult with your closest counter for the shades available in your country / region.

Makeup Artistic Director Dick Page

Dick Page has forged an impressive career, from the fashion runways to editorial and advertising shoots around the globe. Since the early 90s Dick Page has become a key figure behind the fashion shows, working with Narciso Rodriguez and Zero Maria Cornejo, to name a few.

Fashion Shows 15AW

  • Kye
  • Narciso Rodriguez
  • Zero Maria Cornejo

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