Glow Revival Serum

Glow Revival Serum

A multi-functional skin-perfecting serum that brings skin’s full glow from deep within.

A multi-functional skin-perfecting serum that focuses on the role of capillaries in enhancing skin’s micro-intensive power, and creating fully glowing skin. It effectively evens skin tone and minimizes visible redness, wrinkles and pores, so the overall impression you make is a dynamic one―sculpted and energized by the glow emanating from down deep, and from various angles.

・Formulated with Shiseido’s original ingredient, Multi-Capisolve 1124™*, created to focus on factor Tie2, which surrounds capillaries, for even skin tone, enhanced clarity and improved resilience.
・Improves visible redness, wrinkles and dark spots by minimizing the appearance of excess melanin, with TXG Complex and Lasting Vitamin C Shot.

*Based on patented technology (U.S.A., China, Hong Kong, Japan)


  • Untuk wajah
  • Day/Night
  • Day/Night
  • Rp1.800.000,00 / 50ml
  • Click to see 30ml
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