Urban Environment UV Protector Extra Mild

Urban Environment UV Protector Extra Mild

A sun protection cream for daily use, formulated with ingredients selected for their gentleness to the skin. Appropriate for children and others with sensitive skin.

・Protects skin from UVA/UVB rays and helps reduce signs of photo-aging, with exclusive SuperVeil-UV 360(TM) technology.
・Contains no UV absorbers, alcohol, fragrance or paraben.
・Patch-tested on sensitive skin.
・Hydro-Restoring Complex contains moisturizing amino acids naturally found in the skin.
・Contains Thiotaurine, an ingredient proven to counteract oxidation.
・Spreads smoothly, with a silky touch.
・Promotes a smoother application of foundation.
・Easily removed with basic cleansers.
・For face and body.


  • Untuk wajah
  • Untuk Tubuh

SPF30 / PA+++

  • Rp520.000,00 / 50ml
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