All Day Brightener

All Day Brightener

A timed release brightening moisturizer for all day hydration and radiance, while protecting the skin against environmental stressors.

An advanced daytime whitening moisturizer that instantly brightens and evens the skin tone, and releases whitening ingredients over time to suppress discoloration and dullness caused by the harsh environment throughout the day. Creating brilliant conditions for skin to achieve perfect radiance, this moisturizer puts daylight on your side.

・Timed Delivery Bright Technology sustains whitening effects and prevents oxidation* during the day, for perfectly radiant skin. It contains Multi-Target Vitamin C, a whitening ingredient with anti-oxidant* benefits to help protect skin from oxidative damage caused by pollution and UV rays.
・Light-Transform Powder allows skin to emit light, converting daylight into a brilliant, lustrous glow.
・Shiseido’s original whitening ingredient 4MSK helps diminish the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase to reduce melanin production*.
・Super Hydro-Synergy Complex supplies a highly moisturizing effect and improves skin texture.
・Offers multifunctions‐strongly protecting the skin against environmental stressors such as UV rays, and performing as a makeup base for a perfectly radiant finish, as well as whitening and moisturizing the skin during the day.

*in vitro test


  • Untuk wajah
  • Day

SPF36 / PA+++

  • Rp680.000,00 / 50ml
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