Founded in Ginza, Tokyo, Shiseido has spent the last 148 years relentlessly innovating, breaking through limits and transcending boundaries to bring more beauty to the world. 
We are excited to introduce four international ambassadors who share Shiseido’s belief: beauty has no boundaries.
Together with Shiseido, let’s transcend our boundaries as one and make beauty boundless.

SHISEIDO GINZA TOKYO transcend boundaries STORY

SHISEIDO empowers you to transcend your boundaries

25 years of pursuit and passion defines us. Our groundbreaking immunology research led to the development of ImuGeneration Technology, which fortifies skin’s ability to defend its own inner power.
Resilience comes from within.

  • Power Infusing Concentrate limited Edition (75mm) Power Infusing Concentrate limited Edition (75mm)

    Power Infusing
    Concentrate limited Edition(75mm)

  • Defense Refresh Mist Defense Refresh Mist

    Defense Refresh Mist

  • Synchro Skin Case (for Cushion Compact) Synchro Skin Case (for Cushion Compact)

    Synchro Skin Case(for Cushion Compact)

“Stay young at heart, and your true beauty will come out.” 

Bibari Maeda

About Bibari Maeda

Bibari-san shot her first poster for Shiseido when she was 18 years old.
Her bold posture and distinctive skin tone attracted widespread attention at that time. She's been associated with the brand ever since.
At the age of 71, she is still active on stage, bringing laughter and inspiration to the people around her. She believes that age is never a limit for beauty, and beauty is eternal.

Transcending the boundaries of Age

Many women worry about their age, thinking that aging will lead to the loss of beauty.
But Bibari-san herself is the best proof of beauty without the fear of the age restrictions.
She maintains her self-confidence and firmly believes that a young mindset is more important than the actual age.
Age is only a number, but beauty can be a lifelong pursuit.

“Do not force yourself to accept your destiny, change it.”

Lauren Wasser

About Lauren Wasser

Lauren is a young model from the United States. She used to have a promising career in modeling and basketball. But at the age of 24, she was diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) due to a viral infection. This sickness resulted in the amputation of her right leg. Her left leg later underwent surgery in 2018. Nevertheless, she did not allow this misfortune to dampen her spirit. Lauren remained strong, optimistic, and excited about what life has in store for her. She continued to pursue her dream and profession and is now known as “The girl with the golden legs".

Transcend the boundary of limitation

There is hardly anyone who can remain positive after experiencing hardship like Lauren. She constantly overcomes her psychological and physical obstacles. In spite of experiencing such low points in life, she walks into the sun again, enters the stadium, heads into the spotlight, and inspires people who have had similar experiences to her. Lauren refuses to accept misery. She chooses to change and break through all limitations, to keep moving forward with her beautiful smile.

“Imagination is the secret to beauty; it makes beauty boundless.”

Alina Zagitova

About Alina Zagitova

Alina is a famous national figure skater in Russia. Now 18 years old, she has been practicing skating since she was 5, overcoming various obstacles such as injuries, while receiving countless honors, and becoming a world-class figure skater. She is skilled at taking on challenges and continues to keep transcending everyone's imagination.

Transcend the boundary of imagination

People are used to staying in their comfort zone, but as a sportswoman, Alina is better at breaking records and stepping out of hers. Figure skating itself is filled with beautiful movements. Moreover, Alina is committed to challenging people's imagination, breaking through and innovating. Alina has combined 3D printing with ice skating to showcase the beauty of technology with her graceful body, innovatively challenging herself once more.

“Life has many possibilities, we should embrace them all.”

Huang Xuan

About Huang Xuan

Huang Xuan is a well-known actor from China. He used to be a dancer before getting into acting. Facing all kinds of doubts and frustrations, he remained persistent in the pursuit of his passion and dream career, gaining considerable popularity and acclaim. By exploring a plethora of roles and portraying and living the lives of different characters, Huang Xuan transcends boundaries and labels.

Transcend the boundary of labels

Nowadays, people are expected to live life according to their labels, especially actors. Huang Xuan, however, transcends his labels by taking on challenging and diverse acting roles. He is now bold enough to try a style and make-up that he has never tried before, reinterpreting what beauty means to men. Taking inspiration from his own experiences, he encourages others to experiment with all the possibilities that life has to offer, without fear of being labelled.